Our Vision

Our family is made up of mostly young adults and families with young children.  We do life together, we're a lot of fun, we're playful and sometimes ridiculous, we eat donuts before service, we are serious about the Bible, serious about relationships and serious about really knowing Jesus and following Him wherever He may lead.  We believe that doing life together this way creates a well balanced environment for us to mature in our walks with Jesus and really enjoy life together.  So we strongly encourage all of our Forerunner Family to serve together, walk together and prayer together.  This is our flavor, the thing that the Lord gave us as our part in His Church and we'd love to invite you to run with us as we pursue Him together!


A people to do life with
A place to belong

A provoking community
Here at Forerunner Fellowship we are learning to do a few things well. These are not only principles we live by but building blocks for our church. We desire to:

—serve together
For us Sunday mornings aren’t about “going to church,” it’s a time for us to be the Body and for us to serve using our various gifts in order to make our time together as awesome as possible. 

—walk together
When we say walk together we mean having authentic, enjoyable and challenging relationships with people in the context of a small group that really knows each other and walks through life 

—pray together
We want to be a people who have deep lives of prayer and actually know Jesus.  This won’t happen automatically, so we've all committed to weekly prayer times at a nearby house of prayer.

Statement of Faith